What is a Spray Tan? Endless Summer Durham NC

What is a Spray Tan? Endless Summer Durham NC-Spray Tanning is the process of spraying a specifically composed solution on your skin to induce tan as similar to the one you get from the sun. At Endless Summer Salon located inside Inside WanderLux Salon Suites at 7104 NC-751 #104, Durham, NC 27707, Owner and licensed Esthetician, Jennifer Kahaunaele, uses the incredible GloBody Organic Spray Tanning Products! (photo credit Glo Body)

How do Spray Tans Work? At Endless Summer Waxing, Jennifer Kahaunaele wants to make sure you discuss (at length) what color you anticipate having for your tan. She will help you determine what the end result will be. No surprises! You’ll be amazed to know that Spray Tanning is much simpler than you may think it is.

Spray Tans just color the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. Almost all of the spray tan solutions contain an active ingredient called the dihydroxyacetone (DHA). I hope you know what DHA is. It is the DHA which reacts with those skin cells, resulting in a tan. Tans can last as long as 2 weeks.

Pros of Spray Tanning! Spray Tanning is not as tedious a process as sun tanning or UV bed tanning. It is as easy as taking a shower and rubbing yourself with a towel. Spray Tanning requires no time at all. Spray Tanning does not include the risk of getting sunburned or health risks associated with UV beds too, Spray Tanning does not involve any kind of UV exposure. In most cases, UV rays (in excess) have been found to be extremely harmful to one’s skin. In other words, the Spray Tan will never cause a health risk.

Things to keep in mind for Spray Tanning! It’s true, Spray Tan solutions can discolor light colored clothing. Talk with Endless Summer Owner and licensed Esthetician, Jennifer Kahaunaele about this. She’ll give you the scoop on how long this lasts and tips for keeping clothing stain free. .
If your skin has dark spots the spray tan can make those spots darker. Please discuss any skin discolorations with Jennifer and she can give you options to address your concerns.
Spray tans are temporary and might require you to shed some time every week for maintenance.
Have sensitive skin? Let Jennifer know all about any and all skin conditions. As a licensed Esthetician she can advise if a Spray Tan is a fit and address your concerns.

In summary, we’d all have to agree that Spray Tanning has by far been the most convenient and changing milestone in the world of beauty and fashion. BOOK YOUR SPRAY TAN NOW By using a reputable Esthetician such as Jennifer Kahaunaele at Endless Summer Waxing in Durham, NC you’ll be assured of receiving professional advice and receiving the best possible tan!