ALL ABOUT EYEBROWS Durham NC-Everybody knows that eyebrows are now most definitely THE THING. At Endless Summer Salon located at 1906 E Hwy 54 Suite 200A, Durham, NC 27713, Owner and licensed Esthetician, Jennifer Kahaunaele, LOVES shaping eyebrows. There is definitely an art to eyebrow waxing and it is mission critical that you get your brows waxed by someone with plenty of experience. Jennifer specializes in using wax to carefully shape your brows into a natural looking shape, leaving plenty of fullness for today’s trends. That said, some people do prefer a thinner, more refined brow and she can accommodate that as well. She will never over-wax your brows!!

Let’s summarize what’s involved in Eyebrow Waxing. Whether you are looking for some major brow definition or just a little shaping to keep your eye area looking clean, we can help you get the brows of your dreams! When we wax eyebrows, we always use good lighting and a magnifier so we get the precise application that you are looking for. Like all other waxing services, we use a gentle hard wax for eyebrows. It applies nicely and removes with minimal discomfort. You may notice some redness following your eyebrow wax, but this usually subsides in 30 minutes or less. Try to avoid applying any makeup directly following a wax and if you do need to put on makeup, make sure your brushes and applicators are clean!

Thinking about Eyebrow Tinting? Another one of the most popular services at Endless Summer Salon in Durham, NC is eyebrow tinting. Tinting is great for both women and men and get help enhance the color and shape of your brow, filling in any areas that are looking a little sparse. This service is also very popular with people who have lighter hair naturally or graying hair, as it adds a natural looking color without being overpowering and limits the need to apply makeup daily. Eyebrow tinting usually lasts for about a month.

Tap this link BOOK YOUR EYEBROW SERVICE with Owner and licensed Esthetician, Jennifer Kahaunaele at Endless Summer Waxing in Durham, NC. Still have questions? Contact Jennifer