Lash Tinting Durham, NC Endless Summer Waxing

Lash Tinting Durham, NC-There are moments when we want our eyelids dusted with baby-pink powder and others that call for a full stop smoky eye — But there’s never not a time when we don’t want darker, more defined lashes. It’s something that makes the unending cycle of putting on and taking off mascara kind of worth it — but also, can’t we just skip ahead to the part where we have perpetually inky, separated lashes already?

Available at Durham, NC’s Endless Summer Waxing is lash tinting! For now, it’s the closest thing to natural, yet perma-defined hairs, a quick in-salon treatment that gives the illusion of 24/7 mascara for weeks on end, without the clumping or streaking.

Jennifer Kahaunaele, Owner and Esthetician at Endless Summer Waxing says “Lash tints are a happy medium between mascara and extensions, giving you a bolder, wide-eyed look for a relatively affordable price and with very little upkeep, because the process colors the entire strand from the base of lashes to the tip, it can also make the lashes appear longer, too.”

Aren’t sure it’s for you? Have more questions? Call Jennifer Kahaunaele, Owner and Esthetician at Endless Summer Waxing! She’ll be happy to answer your questions and book an appointment for you if you think the timig is right. Want to book your Lash Tinting appointment today? Just hit this link to go to Endless Summer Waxing’s appointment online scheduling!